Unlocking Convenience: Exploring the Airports Close to Wimbledon Tennis 2023

Published June 22, 2023

Best Airports Close to WimbledonWimbledon Tennis is not just a tournament; it's a celebration of tradition, elegance, and unrivalled sporting excellence.

For over a century, this Grand Slam event has captivated the hearts of tennis enthusiasts and spectators worldwide, with its rich heritage, iconic grass courts, and unforgettable moments etched into the annals of tennis history.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the spirit of Wimbledon, where champions are crowned, and legacies are forged on the pristine green lawns of SW19. Let's unravel the magic of Wimbledon together!

Importance of Wimbledon Tennis 2023 as a Sporting Event

Wimbledon is one of the biggest attractions in the world of professional tennis. As one of the four Grand Slam tournaments, it has a rich history dating back to 1877. Today, it's a major sporting event and attracts many fans and tourists worldwide. The tournament is held annually in June and July, and visitors must know how to get there.

Wimbledon Tennis 2023 Overview

If you're planning to attend the Wimbledon tennis tournament in 2023, it's essential to consider the nearest airports and how to get there. This section give you everything you need to know about the airports near Wimbledon, including the distance from the tournament, transportation options, airlines, and tips for navigating each airport.

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What is the best airport to fly into for Wimbledon?

The Best Airport Travel to Wimbledon SW19, SW20 and Wimbledon Tennis is Gatwick Airport.

See below for detailed information about the closest airports to Wimbledon, SW19 and SW20, and will help you decide to commute to Wimbledon Tennis.

Gatwick Airport (LGW)

At Wimbledon Airport Connect, our expert drivers always recommend that Gatwick Airport is the best choice to reach Wimbledon without any hassle. Gatwick Airport is located approximately 28 miles away from Wimbledon and is another popular airport among visitors travelling for the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

Heathrow Airport (LHR)

As one of the busiest airports in the world, Heathrow Airport is a popular choice for visitors travelling to Wimbledon. The airport is located approximately 17 miles away from the tournament, making it a relatively short journey.

London City Airport (LCY)

London City Airport is the closest airport to Wimbledon, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a quick and efficient journey.

Luton Airport (LTN)

Luton Airport is located approximately 36 miles from Wimbledon and is another popular choice among visitors.

Stansted Airport (STN)

Stansted Airport is located approximately 60 miles from Wimbledon and the furthest airport from the tournament.

Comparing Airports

The best airport to fly into when visiting Wimbledon or Wimbledon Tennis, it's essential to consider several factors such as distance, transportation options, and flight schedules. In this section, we'll compare the airports near Wimbledon regarding convenience vs cost and provide tips for international travellers.

Distance, Transportation Options, and Flight Schedules

To determine the distance between each airport and Wimbledon, we've provided an overview below:

  • Gatwick Airport to Wimbledon: 28 miles (45 km)
    See the below map of possible roots indicating that you can reach Gatwick Airport to 📍 Wimbledon or  📍 Wimbledon SW19, SW20 to ✈️ Gatwick Airport North Terminal or ✈️ Gatwick Airport South Terminal

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  • Heathrow Airport to Wimbledon: 17 miles (27 km)
    See the below map of possible roots indicating that you can reach Heathrow Airport to 📍 Wimbledon or  📍 Wimbledon SW19, SW20 to ✈️ Heathrow Airport.
    Estimated arrival Time  (ETA) may be different. This is based on which Terminal we (T2, T3, T4 or T5) pick up or drop off from. 

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  • London City Airport to Wimbledon: 15 miles (24 km)
    See the below map of possible roots indicating that you can reach London City Airport to 📍 Wimbledon or  📍 Wimbledon SW19, SW20 to ✈️ London City Airport

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  • Luton Airport to Wimbledon: 36 miles (58 km)
    See the below map of possible roots indicating that you can reach London City Airport to 📍 Wimbledon or  📍 Wimbledon SW19, SW20 to ✈️ Luton Airport

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  • Stansted Airport to Wimbledon: 60 miles (96 km)
    See the below map of possible roots indicating that you can reach London City Airport to 📍 Wimbledon or  📍 Wimbledon SW19, SW20 to ✈️ Stansted Airport 

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Regarding transportation options, the easiest and most efficient way to get to Wimbledon is by train. Visitors can take the London Underground or National Rail from several stations in London to Wimbledon. Taxis and private car services are also available and could be a more convenient option for some visitors.

Regarding flight schedules, Heathrow and Gatwick airports offer the most flight options to international visitors, while London City Airport and Luton Airport have limited international flights. Stansted Airport is mainly used by budget airlines with limited international destinations.

Convenience vs Cost Comparison

When choosing the best airport to fly into for Wimbledon, it's essential to balance convenience and cost. While London City Airport is the closest airport to Wimbledon, it may be more expensive to fly into than other airports with more flight options.

Heathrow and Gatwick airports offer a good balance between convenience and cost, with several flight and transportation options available.

Ideal Airport for International Travellers

Gatwick Airport and Heathrow Airport are the best choices for international travellers, as they offer the most flight options to and from major destinations worldwide. London City Airport and Luton Airport have limited international flights, so they may not be the most convenient option for those travelling outside Europe.

Things to Check Before Booking Your Flight and Airport Transfer

Before you book your flight and airport transfer, it's essential to check the following:

✅ Flight schedules and availability
✅ Transportation options and costs
✅ Visa requirements for international visitors
✅ A travel insurance for international visitors
✅ Accommodation availability and costs during Wimbledon

Accommodation Near Wimbledon

Several accommodation options near Wimbledon include hotels, guesthouses, and bed & breakfast establishments.

Proximity to the Wimbledon Tennis Courts

When choosing accommodation for Wimbledon, proximity to the tennis courts is crucial. Some of the closest options include The Wimbledon Hotel, The Dog & Fox, and The Justin James Hotel, all within a short walk of the tournament.

Getting Around Wimbledon

When visiting Wimbledon, there are several ways to get around. Visitors can choose public transportation options, iconic black taxis, minicabs, private hire cars, bike-sharing programs, and finding a recommended walking routes.

Private Car Services

Taxis and private car services are readily available in Wimbledon, making it convenient to get around the area. Visitors can pre book our Wimbledon airport transfer service or minicab in Wimbledon to avoid unnecessary delays and surge prices.

Wimbledon Tourist Attractions

When visiting Wimbledon, it's essential to see the local attractions. This section overviews the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum, Southside House, Cannizaro Park, Wimbledon Windmill Museum, and Wimbledon Village.

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum

As one of the most important tennis tournaments in the world, the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum is a must-visit attraction for visitors. The museum offers visitors a chance to explore the history of tennis and see some of the most important artefacts related to the tournament.

Cannizaro Park

Cannizaro Park is a beautiful park in Wimbledon that offers visitors a chance to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The park features several walking trails, flower gardens, and historical landmarks.

Wimbledon Windmill Museum

The Wimbledon Windmill Museum is an excellent destination for those interested in local history and heritage. The museum features a 200-year-old windmill that's open to visitors and offers a glimpse into the area's history.

Wimbledon Village

Wimbledon Village is a shopping and dining destination that's popular among locals and visitors to the area. The village features several boutiques, shops, and restaurants, making it a great place to explore and shop.

The Buddhapadipa Temple
The Buddhapadipa Temple in Wimbledon is a renowned Buddhist temple located in the heart of Wimbledon, London. Established in 1965, it is the first Thai Buddhist temple in the United Kingdom. With its serene surroundings and traditional Thai architecture, the temple serves as a place of worship, meditation, and cultural activities.

It offers regular religious ceremonies, meditation sessions, and cultural events, providing a unique glimpse into Thai Buddhism and culture. The temple's main building, the Uposatha Hall, houses a beautiful Buddha image, and the grounds feature Thai-style pavilions and tranquil gardens. The Buddhapadipa Temple is a serene oasis and a significant spiritual and cultural landmark in Wimbledon.


In conclusion, choosing the nearest airport to Wimbledon is crucial for visitors attending the prestigious tennis tournament. With several airports nearby, each offering advantages, travellers have options to consider based on convenience, flight availability, and cost.

Heathrow and Gatwick airports emerge as popular choices due to their extensive flight connections and reasonable distance from Wimbledon.

London City Airport, being the closest, provides a swift and efficient journey. But, the lack of road works and industrial action can cause delays.

Luton Airport and Stansted Airport are also viable options for visitors with specific needs or budget constraints.

Once at Wimbledon, various accommodation options and transportation choices are available, ensuring easy access to the tournament and the surrounding attractions.

If you want an airport transfer to and from Wimbledon, please pre-book your journey with Wimbledon Airport Connect. We connect all airports from Wimbledon.